Thursday, December 16, 2010

Food Vacation @ Penang

After a long tedious ordeal of final exams (exaggerating), a good friend of mine, Ms Pek Yee organised a "makan" cum vacation trip to Penang. So on the 13th Dec 2010, 10 Form 6 friends of mine packed out bags and ready to set of for an awesome journey. All photos are courtesy to Mr Ying Wai and his sophisticated techies. Haha!

We took the Aeroline bus from Sunway Pyramid to Queensbay Mall in Penang. Then from there, we took the RapidPenang bus straight to Burma Road and checked into Tune Hotels.

As soon as we arrived, our stomachs were rumbling, begging to be filled with delicious food we heard so much from people. Without further delay, we went food hunting. Heck, the pictures weren't even taken before we finished them up.

Once our 'blackhole' was diminished, we then proceeded to Gurney Drive. There, we hanged out, chatting away, laughed like there was nothing to worry about; at the same time overlooking the vast water that is only one small part of the Straits of Malacca. When the sun set, we stroll to the nearby hacker center, where now people-packed, munching, slurping, sipping, gobbling and enjoying their dinner at dusk. Roars of talks at laughter filled the place. Once we settled we started ordering food like the 'blackhole' is once again active.

This is the night view of Gurney Plaza.

Before turning in for the night, we were still determined to get some more good food that we traveled aimlessly until we stumbled upon a shop selling Loh Mee and Har Mee. Again, we ate another good food, chat away till the wee hours before returning to our slumber.

On the second day, we went for Dim Sum at Macalister Road, just the road next to Burma Road. Haha, again, we were so famished that we 'gasak' most of the food before the pictures were even taken.

After another satisfying meal, we traveled to Kek Lok Si Temple. Although it was raining, it did not hamper us from continuing our "Journey To The West" (if you look at the map, Kek Lok Si is towards the West of Georgetown). The stairs leading up to the temple reminded me of Petaling Street where dealers make their offer on their goods. You can actually haggle the price up to 50%!!! Haha! Our first stop was the 'Tortoise Feeding... er... Farm'. After that, we visited the Pagoda, and even climbed it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to visit the Bronze Statue of Guan Ying (Goddess of Mercy). However there are some photos. Again, courtesy of Mr Ying Wai.

Once we were satisfied of breathing the fresh air and chilling the breeze, we traveled back to our hotel, this time preparing for another amazing place, Batu Feringgi. There, I had an excruciating foot-reflexology. Playing by the beach, skipping rocks, enjoying the atmosphere, sharing joy and laughter, and many more fantastic experience.

It was nightfall when we reached Macalister's Road. To our amazement, we stumbled upon a row of hacker stalls. There's where we had our amazing dinner with different varieties of the scrumptious food. We walked from one end of the street to the other, ordering what we pleased. When we finally sat down with the table filled with various food from different stalls, we started digging in like there was no tomorrow.

On the last day, we can't afford to miss the famous Tao Sa Bia. Him Heang and Ghee Hiang are just at Burma Road and Macalister Road respectively. Sadly, due to time constrain the pictures weren't taken.

If you are planning to go to Penang, you must keep in mind that you cannot, I repeat, CANNOT skip meals AND don't be too worried about what enters your mouth because you will definitely lose your chance to get good food. Also, you don't have to worry about traveling because RapidPenang is very an amazing way to travel; it's reliable, it gives access to many places AND it's frequent! Unlike RapidKL, it's pathetic and hopeless. As long as you are in Penang, do enjoy yourself with food and views.

Well then, that's all from me for now. Cheerios!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Taking a Break.... for now.

Putting my books and files aside just for this night, sitting in front of my laptop, blogging about the past events which led to a chain of events: could be good, could be bad, could be the ugly ones as well.

Seeing my last blog on the trip to Perhentian Island, I noticed I have not finished it since God-knows-when. (i am exaggerating here) And now, all that is left are vivid memories of the past. Clear sky, crystal clear water, breath taking scenery, exotic sea creatures... it goes on. But other than that would be the bonding time with friends.

Two months past that event, and we moved on to be college mates once again; from being a total stranger to friends, from friends to best friends. And heck, for me the once dreaded PM status became a platform to make friends with the freshies.

Having said 'dreaded', the dread is worst when I became the college representative. Now holding a post in the college, there are just so many things to think about in college, meeting after meeting, problems in college to solve, task to be performed... All this top it of with assignments, test, presentations... Haha, and not to forget pimples. Ironic isn't it? For someone to be able to handle the college but has a major pimple problem? Isn't it likely for all those capable leaders to have great complexion and charming appearance?

Moving past that, the dread could be a blessing in disguise to make me a better person. Time management is important, prioritizing your duties as which is more important. Besides that, learning to say "No" is important. When you can't handle a task, it is always to speak up, if not it will be a burden to you, and the job will be done in a bad manner.

Well, words will be words, and if it is not put into action, it means nothing. My test was mediocre during the mid semester. But now, my effort must be greater as it is close to the finals. Unfortunately, now I have tasks given to me last minute, and one major test is just around the corner. Having a foreign lecturer in a local university (particularly in M'sia) is like having an alien teaching you their advance technologies... that was an exaggeration as well.

*sigh* Looking at the pages I have to read up for the test... makes me think I should just stop here for now. I think my next time writing would be my Results Day, cursing away as usual... (am I never contented with what I have?) Till then.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Berhenti di Perhentian

Although it has been 3 days since my trip back from Perhentian Island, but the vivid memories engraved deeply in my mind. We departed UM at 10pm on the 22nd June and reached Kuala Besut jeti at 7am the next day. At 9am, we set sail on a speedboat to Perhentian Island. Seeing the excited faces of all my ship mates (some happy while some are fearful), I too had butterflies in my stomach.

At a distant I saw a hill in which I assumed it was Perhentian Island. In my mind, this island is gonna be huge. It took us almost an hour to reach the island at full speed. Oh, did I say full speed? Haha, this is one hell of a joy ride. It was wet, adrenaline-packed, scream-filled journey. I bet it's more exciting than roller coaster rides.

When we were about to reach the shores, from a distance, we can clearly see the white sandy beach, and not to mention, the clear serene water that is as clear as crystal. It is not a lie when I say I can see everything underwater without even delving into the water. When the boat docked at the "jeti", I hopped out of the boat immediately to make myself believe that there is such a place on Earth, not to mention in Malaysia, that the water is that clear. The sand was fine, walking on it is as though we are walking on sponge.

We checked in to our chalet which is a small but pleasant room. Though only meant for two, but due to budgeting, 3 had to bunk in to one room that only has a small cupboard, a Queen size bed, a mirror table and a toilet. The administrators requested for a single fold-able bed, in which I slept on.... and got a butt ache cuz the mattress was thin at the butt area.

Mostly we went snorkeling around the Island on the first day. We went to coral reefs where we were given the rarest opportunity to see a diverse species of animals. Let me describe what I felt went I first saw the masterpiece of the world.

I donned the goggles given and dipped my head into the water. The first view I had was magnificent corals grown on rocksides, fish with wide array of colours swimming pass my very own eyes just a few inches away. The sunlight shined through the water surface and hit directly on the seafloor and walls of giant rocks. Silver fishes the size of anchovies swimming in group, like darts zapping in and out, reflecting the sunlight like a thousand mirror fragments. I have always thought that the sea creature would be dull and boring, but this sight changed my very thoughts that instant. To paint a scene of such would require a master of arts in a thousand years.

We went to several different locations to witness certain special animals living in that particular area. We went to a slightly deeper side to see turtles. The tour guide told us it will be hard to see them as their numbers had dwindle down due to human's actions towards the environment this pass 2 millennial. If that is the case, then I would consider that I am blessed to be able to see a sole turtle swimming at the sea floor as it waddles through at it's own leisure pace, chomping food particles, giving a cute photographic memory in my head. When it sensed our presence, it just sped into the darkness beyond and never to be seen again.

Finally, we went to a shallow area of a coral reef. This time we were told that there are sharks in the vicinity. Unfortunately this time I am not so blessed to see the sharks. Instead I got cut from the sharp corals around. In my mind, I was not thinking of my injuries but rather the corals. This is because I have just destroyed a few as I touched them. In the frantic moment, some of my friends saw a couple of sharks swimming between the visible and non-visible "boundaries". The water was not blue, rather bluish-green. The colour of the shark blended perfectly into its surrounding and with a swoosh from its' tail, there it goes.

And for the last place for that day, we went to a secluded beach where there's spring water. The sea water is warm, however the water flowing down the hill is freakin' cold. Although it may be cold, but we all braved the extreme differences to get one hell out of experience. And it could be that maybe I drank the water, that's why I had a cough the next day. Hmm... it's still a mistery... XD

To be continued...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Rewards & Regrets...

Last week I just went for two camps consecutively, both with the same purpose: to train future PMs (Pembantu Mahasiswa or a.k.a in English, Facilitators for Orientation) The first being organized by the Residential College, which is 8th College, the one that I am staying in, and the second which is organized by UM.

The first one me and my new found friends went to Jerantut, Pahang. We camped in a cave for the first night. Gua Balai was the name. We thought that it was suppose to be a cool place to stay in, however it was hot even in the evening. Why? Cuz there wasn't the slightest breeze that pass through the cave. *sigh* "Nama pun camping ma" that's what my friend said. The first day we went "clubbing". LOL! You might think I am crazy to laugh at myself. Let me explain... Our supervisor was explaining to us our itinerary for the day. After setting up the camps, we are to go caving... but he mentioned "clubbing". All of us were amazed that we are going clubbing. After the great laughter, we proceeded to the caves. We went jungle trekking, climbed through narrow spaces, helping one another through difficult places, the reward was fantastic. Despite all the injuries that I suffered during the process, what I saw with my own two eyes was priceless. The scenery were breath taking. It's amazing how natural formation of the cave plus human imagination can give such wonderful picture. Images such as bats, elephants, people, couples, even objects can be seen. At certain areas when the wind blows, spine-chilling sensation can be felt, it was so cooling.

Then on the second day, we had abseiling and flying fox, both with element of my greatest fear: heights. Before that, our college master was lecturing us about human perception and how we can overcome our mind and not let our mind control us. Using that as a mind-over-matter philosophy, I manage to try them out and had fun. Then I did my first 'rakit' with my group members using PVC pipes and plastic drums. We were skeptical at first that our 'rakit' will sink in the water, but it didn't. And we manage to come third place in a race... well, not that great because there were only 4 groups, but we really did a great job that none of our members fell into the water. Ironically, there was a group named Titanic, and they came in 2nd place.

After all the hard work, we shifted to a resort to spend the rest of the night. Two days of physical activities was enough to wear us down. The third and fourth day, we spend our time on leadership training with games and activities. It really taught us the important traits needed for being a leader. When our camp was finally over, we went back to college to rest up for 1 day before the start of another camp, one that it more boring and grueling.

On the first day, boring lecture and lame activities. According to our seniors who joined this camp last year, they were required to split and form groups with members from other colleges. However, this is the first time they maintain everyone in the same college for... who know? easier management or maybe greater intra-college bond. But what we lack in this way is that we don't get to understand other college's cheers. I find other college's cheers are pretty amazing and has more power to it. Then at night, we had physical training... military style... maybe not that bad, it was semi-military style. We gathered at the Palapes training ground, did push ups, running, climbing, crawling... much like NS style (according to a friend). Then we started having inter-college cheers, bombarding one college after another. Shouting and yelling till the throat was... "out-of-order". Haha. Then we went to the barracks of Palapes, where we met an ex-officer. All the patriotism lecture... you get the gist?

Then comes the second day... the worst day of the camp. First, we were late. According to our college supervisor, it was a college tradition that we are never late for anything. GREAT! We are the first to break the good tradition. *slap forehead* Second, we had some "Mak Cik" issue that caused us to lose half of our cumulative points, talking about all the effort of our hard work. Third, we were trashed in cheers, wheres the 8th College spirit? What happened to our cheerleader? Was he too weak? Does our cheer not "oomph-ed"? Fourth, we obtained a star (not a good thing in this camp) for no particular reason... and this lead to the "Mak Cik" issue. Fifth, food was horrible, but I don't really mind cuz after all this is a camp. But some complained. I did, too, just so you wonder. Sixth, we lack discipline big time! *sigh* This day was the WORST from the start till the end.

Finally, the day I have been waiting for, the last day... and the best day of this... pathetic and wonderful camp. Pathetic in reference to the first and second day, particularly the second day; wonderful because of the third day. We traveled all the way to Ulu Yam's Amberstone Resort/Camp. Another military style training for warming up for the upcoming activities. Then all the essential BUT boring lectures on safety. That was the time when we were baked alive under the scorching sun. I got tanned and slight sunburn. After that, we were up for a challenge: Tug-of-War. This is one hilarious part. We versus another college: the result.... *drum rolled* .... The rope snapped even before we started to pull. So, that's the end. In order to compensate the time that will be lost if nothing is done, they came up with one interesting game, we are to form the longest line using whatever things we have on us. So when the game started, shoelace was untied, socks were taken off, all lined up in a straight long line... but that was not enough... guys were asked to take off their shirt if possible, then we all lie down like Superman, for the guys, we toss our shirt for an extra boost in length. Well, the verdict was never mentioned, so I assumed that every college is the winner, after all it was a very tight competition.

Then came the moment we all... if not most of us have been waiting for. Jungle trekking to a waterfall. Unfortunately, it was a weekend, so it was packed with 'civilians'. And on our way there, we met soldiers, where we had to salute to. When we reached out destination, we were so eager to jump into the freezing water; three reasons, one, we have been under the hot sun for so long, two, we are almost dehydrated, third, COME ON!!! It's a waterfall!!! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?!! When we dunk ourselves into the water... hehe, War-of-Cheers started again... we start the spark, and there goes the fire. Instead of slapping the thigh, we hit the water hard. Effect was even greater. The shortest 15 minutes in my life was this time. It was just a few splashes of water and that's the end. We were then asked to return to the camp site for other activities that requires teamwork such as searching for a rope and form a circle, passing a ball underwater and other games. Then we had a speech from our Deputy Vice Chancellor before heading back to UM.

Well, that's all for the PM camps I underwent through this week. In this camp, there are rewards that I gained, yet there are also some regrets/problems faced. However, certain things are beyond your comprehension. Therefore whatever I can do, I did it. Those that can't be done or is already a past, then I shall let it be. For now, I wanna enjoy my 1 month break before another grueling moment that is awaiting me.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Of updates & Things to come...

It's been a long time since I have last touched this "unkept" blog of mine. I think its full of cobwebs and left with an inch thick of dust by now. *HACHIEW!!!* Sorry, I am allergic to dust. *snorts* Well, the reason it really simple. It would be the same to you guys, too. #1 Assignments nearing due date, #2 nerve racking presentations, #3 last but not least EXAMS!!!

But all those are history, now I am a free man, not Fremont. (if you watched Old Dogs then you will know what I mean) My last paper ended two days ago. Right after my paper, I drove my friends to see our results for SKET subjects, a.k.a local university's compulsory subjects that are boring, skewed, redundant and pathetic. "That sucks!" was my first impression when I saw my results for Hubungan Etnik and TITAS(Tamadun Islam & Tamadun Asia). B+ and A respectively. Then I peeped at my friends'. *HORROR STRUCK* Both As. "Damn! Where did I go wrong again this time?" Recalling my sucky moments when I came to the very same place to see my result for Entrepreneurship Skills (B+) too. I have placed every single effort in that darn skewed paper and got this? Well, maybe not so much... OK, fine, not so after all. I mean come on, how can you take in such... "blurgh" infos? They suck man! I'd rather study TITAS. Haha, actually because in our semester, UM changed its TITAS syllabus and it became easier. It turned out rather interesting, and less things to memorise. Or else I would be dead taking both H.E and TITAS.

Put all the rantings aside, and my unknown future results too, I will have to prepare to go for a camp soon. What camp you may ask... or maybe you might have even know it. Because I am one obnoxious hypocritical forked-tongued schizophrenic, I have enrolled myself to join the Students Assistant during the Orientation. The hypocrite part comes in because I big-mouth and told my friends not to join. Sadly, I won't be able to spend more time with my friends who have all came back for the long nice sem-break. Instead, I have chosen to become a "dog" for the college and work my ass of when I think I will not be fully committed in future with all the tedious work to come. *sigh* The best part? Well, if you consider getting to camp in a cave IS a good thing, then yes.

Oh, did you know I am acrophobic/altophobic? Don't know the meaning? Check it out yourself. Guess what? There's abseiling. *sigh* Sooner or later I will have to face my fear, so why not now? Haha...ha...(fades of) We will see later... whether I conquer my fear. This whole... thing won't just end in one weeks time. I will have to continue another camp in 21 June, unfortunately. *sigh* Great or what?

Argh! Quit the lamenting. I am so looking forward to the BBQ party at Pek Yee's and Genting trip with The Gang. Haha, just came up with a cool arbitrary name for my Form 6 friends. Lame? I know. Blame Uni. XP Not to mention all the other outings and sports to come. OH! I NEED SPORTS! I have been gaining waist line tremendously since the study week. *pinching waist* My lungs are also giving me problems lately. Phlegm congestion is the last thing I need every morning.

I think that would be it for the time being for the things that have past and things to come. Hopefully, this time around things will go nicely. Peace out.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Wackiest Friday in College.

Well, not exactly the right word to use but I have a very limited vocab, so I used "wacky" as an expression to describe the Friday, (yesterday) I had.

The usual morning class was, of course, usual. (duh!) Had physical chem lab till 12pm (theoretically) and went back to college to have lunch. After that, me, Azie and Elina took a cab to Mid Valley. Before that, drama ensues as they were not gung-ho enough to stop a cab. XD Anyway, we still manage to hop on one and got to MV.

We headed straight to Gardens' Red Box for my very first Karaoke session. (Don't 'huh' me, I know you don't believe) Tommy was there awaiting for the arrival of "VIP" guest. After checking into our assigned room (Room 49 is my memory serves me right) and there were all these buttons and gizmos waiting to be tempered with. Of course, if you have been to a Karaoke lounge, then you will very well know that the place is awesome, well, unless of course you went to a lousy one, which I can't help you as it if beyond my ability to provide aid and thus making you not satisfied and unhappy and complain a lot about it... which like what I am doing now. *DEEP BREATH*
Anyway, we started singing our hearts and lungs out especially my favourite song, Kris Allen Live Like We Are Dying. XP Then there were so many yells and screams rather than songs and melodies. We sang for 3 hours... for quite a reasonable price. (If I am not mistaken it's < RM10) I have only 1 word to describe the entire event, FUN! Just for your information, but I think you'd already know, I CAN'T SING!!! Although all the while I agreed and said I can't sing, but this time I really mean it! Hearing what I was doing in the lounge made me realise how horrible and terrible I was. XD OK, enough revelations for character profile.

Moving on, we rushed to take a cab back to our college. Upon our arrival, I rushed back to my room, showered, make up (just the hair), dressed up and all ready for MAK phase 2. Looking at all the handsome young men and gorgeous beauties waiting for the "carriage" to depart, everyone was so excited to take pictures and commend one another. I, on the other hand, was not as stylish nor dashingly handsome, was only confident to take a couple of pictures. "When the clock struck 12pm", (metaphorically means when it was time to get that ass on the bus or I will ditch you all and let you stranded and starve in college) we got on to the bus assigned to us. To add to our misery, we had to wait for another 15mins before departure, oh and not just that, to "horrify" things, we were stuck in a jam for 20mins. When we managed to get out of UM, we had a fun ride in KL. Not bragging when I said that my friends asked me about KL landmarks and that I answered them, but I also feel "pai-seh" when I don't even know what USJ stands for. XD Our destination was Wisma Felda at Ampang. Taking a joy ride from UM to Ampang opened our eyes to KL,seeing fields, skyscrapers, landmarks, graveyard.... scratch that, and many other things.

It took more than 1 hour to get there. When we finally got down, flashes of light started, you can literally see starts on Earth itself. If you are dense like me then you'd probably not understand me. Anyway, the place was grand and gala. There was a red carpet rolled out to the front door, an archway with artificial roses where girls loved taking pictures there, fountains outside where you can hear streams of water flowing and gushing, spotlight of multicolours shined brightly. No doubt that during these sort of events, paparazzi instinct will start, there is always cameras, actions, dramas, talks, laughters, flashes of lights, "friend-hunting", loitering, pacing, staring, thinking, drooling... Pardon me, i was carried away. Back to topic. As I walked into the magnificent hall, I searched for my table, and sat down. Thinking of not "rotting" away by blank staring into space, I seeked out my friends location, joined them for a chit-chat before the VIPs came. Oh, did I mentioned that they gave clocks as souvenirs. *GASP* Typical Chinese will think "WHAT THE F***! WANT TO DIE AR???" Ya la, I know not nice ma. Nvm lor, don't take lor. So simple. but anyway I took on cuz the design was nice and it was practical for me. XD

Moving on, the arrival of VIPs and before munch time, they had a real good gimmick. The hall had ceiling filled with lights, making them shine like stars as you tilt your head up to look in the dark. The cameramen took footage of it and was projected on the screen. Everyone was to amazed that they took pictures of it. Unfortunately, I didn't. Don't ask why, cuz I myself am not sure why. Probably I was too mesmerised by it... starstruck? Haha. Then the food arrived... in the most fashionable method, where waiter/tress took candle-lit plates of food and did a formation... pretty. We feasted on the food they prepared and left the plates with nothing but bones and decorative. (Who eats decos anyway?) Then, like all previous years, award was given out to people, lucky draw sessions, performances and many other programs. But what is shocking is that the photo-taking session is never over. The camera starts to roll once more when tummies are filled. People can take pictures from one end of the hall all the way to the parking lot and to the bus stops.... EVEN ON BUS ITSELF!!!

What frustrates the committee members will always be the reluctance of people to follow instructions to get on to the bus. Argh, what the hell, who listens to them anyway? My memory is much more valuable than some bus trip back to UM. Hypocritically to say, I avoided picture-taking groups... Reason? Not needed to be mentioned. After committee members repeatedly reminded us to get on to the bus, we finally got up and going. Oh, but the drama does not end there, we still had wacky fun time on the bus, we filled the bus with ONLY OUR LAUGHTER (bet everyone is annoyed by us).

Oh, I bet that trip was miserable to others except us. XD Well, after all those energy-sapping activities, I drew my very last once of strength to type this out. So before I turn in for the night, I just want to appreciate all that has happened today. All new experience I had today was awesome.

Alright, my eyes are as wrinkled as a dried raisin. Better sleep now.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dr. Fish's Therapy

Last Friday, I went to TimeSquare with my "family" as some of them wanted to shop for 60's clothing. So I just tagged along, for the fun of it. We took the cab, train, walked and any other possible ways to get there. Bla-bla-bla, lets skip all the crap on eating, talking, laughing, coughing....

Now here is the interesting part. *Glee* As Along and my new found Angah was shopping for elegant dresses, "Mommy", Adik and I went to the nearby shops and found people feeding themselves to fishes. They (the fishes) were hungry bunch of suckers that nibbles onto people's legs. Then comes the attendant lady: " Dr Fish therapy, let your leg have smooth skin, very good...." and goes on with her chatter with Thai accent, trying to convince and persuade us to try this... this... this... errr... what do you even call it by the way? ANYWAY... (up to your calling) we tried it as the price was very reasonable, RM 5 for half an hour. The attendant said since we are first timers we can get offered at such low price.

We washed our legs, feeling curious and excited since it's our very first time volunteering to let some fishes snack on our legs. We were asked to leg the bigger ones "eat" first before letting the little ones feast. So without further hesitation, I soaked my legs in... To my horror....... IT WAS SO DARN TICKLISH THAT I SCREAMED!!! Embarrassing? YES! Good experience? "YES!"...and no. They weren't fishes, they were little "electrocutioners" that excites you. Sensation wise, its like ants crawling all over.

Oh, the "horror" was not yet over. In fact, that was just child's play. Haha, get it... big fish, child's play?? Ok, I am being lame... (simply because I don't wanna continue on to the smaller ones that are literally swarming in the bigger pond) But for the sake of your entertainment, I shall proceed describing How I Tortured Myself Experience.

Before I jumped into the pond (not really jumped in but before I stick my sensitive legs into the pond) I say these tiny version of the bigger fish. In my mind, I thought "how bad can THESE be compared to the bigger ones. Should be no problem lah~" Did I just screwed myself or not? So there I was with "Mommy" and Adik. They stuck their legs in first and through their facial expression.... F-O-R-G-E-T I-T. All I hear was screams and squeals. But I am going to pay it. RM5 is not a small amount, I can eat 2 meals at warung.... Fine! So I braved myself and.... lift my feet above the water. To my HORROR!!!! THESE ARE NOT FISHES!!!! THEY ARE HUNGRY LIL SUCKERS LIKE LEECHES THAT HAVE NOT BEEN EATING FOR 1 YEAR WAITING TO SWARM TO FEED ON YOUR LEGS. All their mouths were above water... right underneath my feet, awaiting for the arrival of a main course meal, willing to come on his own. (You know, when I am writing this, I feel like I am an idiot.)

Anyway, I drew all the bravery I have in me and dipped my legs in.

(Sorry, I shall not describe what happened here. Use your imagination and picture there were screams, squeals, yells, Oh-My-Gods, shrieks, dramas, tears, slapping, thrashing, rubbing, Oh-Mommy, HELP~~~, finger biting, laughter, camera, joy, sadness, torture and many other mixed feelings in the whole process)

All I can say is that, there was not one, but millions of mouths nibbling on your leg, each "bite" will send an impulse from you leg to your central nervous system a.k.a your brain, where the impulses will be "sorted out", interpreted, then another signal will be sent back to your motor system back to your leg and tells you... no... SCREAMS TO YOU "BLOODY HELL! PULL THAT F***ING LEG OUT YOU DUMBASS!!!" (Form 5 Bio knowledge, under nervous system. Read up if you wanna know more.) Let me tell you, each sensation sends an impulse up to your brain. Imagine a million impulses shoots up to your brain at one go, all zaps in and out, clash here and there, amplifies and destroys each other... I tell you, your brain will fuse and confuse you, the mixed feelings at one time at your leg... EEEKKKK, AAAHHHH, OMG!!!! was the words that I could utter.

Oh goody, here comes Along and Angah. New victims to be tortured. Wanna see more dramas? Please go to Facebook and check out yourself.

Oh, did I mention when I got used to the... "Hell", God sent a "messenger" to us for torturing? XD That's right, we manage to convince a foreign lady to join us. WEEEE~~~~ Fun ain't it? Oh, the screams and shrieks... ear-piercing is the right word. We literally extended our hands to "comfort" her (and she crushed our hands). Slowly at a time she dipped her leg in, each time screaming EEEKKKK.... AAHHHH....NNNOOOO.... And all we could do is "Madam, calm down. Here, take my hand, slowly...slowly...slowly...""EEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK" *Laughter*

Oh it was a really good experience letting "Mother Nature" "cleanse" you. After the whole event, I noticed my feet was indeed... not smoother, but cleaner. Less dead skin were seen at certain parts. Hmm... maybe they are wonders of nature after all.

Well, that ends this episode of our journey. The rest, not so interesting, except where I got stuck at the Monorail and had to join my "family" again since I cant "join" my family. Confusing? I thought so. So the drama continued with Adik's ear-piercing, late night returns, hand mime practice, exhaustive night, and good night sleep.